The CSCIO Service Solution Architecture was designed for customers who are looking to maximize the success of the Shared Services Modernization project while minimizing risk.


The architecture of the CSCIO service solution to orchestrate success

  1. Validation of the strategic plan
  2. Determine the objectives and results sought by the modernization project
  3. Assessment of the maturity level of processes
  4. Validation of the targeted business architecture
  5. Change Management Plan
  6. Deploying the solution
  7. Accompany management team on pitfalls to avoid and best practices that lead to desired outcomes
  8. Continuous improvement

We offer you a three-day analysis service, free of charge, to evaluate the operational performance improvements and ROI that will be generated by the implementation of CSCIO's solution for your data center and shared services modernization. 

Analysis of CSCIO's solution ROI