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Shared Services Effectiveness Challenges

  • Organizations, markets, economies and technologies are constantly evolving;
  • Business alignment and agility are at the top of the list of CEO issues and concerns;
  • Most current processes are designed to solve yesterday's problems.
  • Adopt a culture of collaboration that promotes organizational performance;
  • The proliferation of portal tools is the biggest barrier to user satisfaction, service consistency and efficiency.

When you request a service that affects multiple departments such as human resources, finance, procurement, or IT services, your business processes span multiple services and systems. The potential points of contact and interactions encountered along the way increase the need for manual intervention that results in a waste of time and money.


Activation of shared service organization (SSO) goals

PMG Business Digital Platform enables Shared Service Organizations (SSOs) to achieve these key goals:

  • Realize and measure economies of scale
  • Gives employees, partners and customers a single portal to manage¬†their shared service requests in real time;
  • Effectively measure the quality and performance of the service (KPI);
  • Leverage next generation technology for better results and competitive advantage
  • Automate and improve processes to reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Merging Companies: An Example of How PMG Digital Platform Simplifies and Automates the Access Management Process.