We believe it should not be painful to do your job

Our philosophy



We believe that it should not be hard to do your job. Companies that are admired by their peers allow their employees to dedicate time and energy to delivering value to customers and colleagues, rather than fighting internal processes and systems.





















Our expertise

Our expertise in numerous project implementations aimed at automating the basic processes of national and international companies has led us to realize that "package" type application suites are an obstacle to continuous process improvement. Staff shortages, astronomical costs, the inability to upgrade processes in real time and the time required to achieve the desired results are not sustainable in a changing economic environment. Current economic challenges demand maximum performance, innovative processes, automated collaboration, support for increased governance, and agile partners who are motivated to achieve the desired results for the customer.

Our added value

CSCIO Inc. is an innovative and responsive company for customers looking for the results associated with data center and shared services modernization. A project that is self-financing from the savings, realized in a short time, with a team possessing the expertise to effectively orchestrate the synergy between all project stakeholders and with the expertise to mobilize the project team members to direct its efforts towards the achievement of the results.

Get to know us better

If you want to know more about CSCIO, contact us. We would be pleased to talk to you about this list of obstacles you're currently facing and come up with a solution configured to meet your needs. Contact us at 514.316.8284, extension 701, or info@cscio.com.