CSCIO has teamed up with international partners to accelerate the productivity improvement agenda of our Canadian enterprises.

In order to reduce operating costs and free up resources to accelerate the strategic projects of Canadian companies and institutions, CSCIO has partnered with three international companies to accelerate the delivery of the Canadian business productivity improvement agenda. These partners share a number of common atributes that are critical success factors:

  • A leader in their sector of activity;

  • The solution is already adopted by companies that are part of the Global 500 list;

  • The solution helps to streamline the number of systems to be maintained by the customer;

  • The mission of the supplier focus on a single solution;

  • Management is motivated by the success of its clients and not by the quarterly results;

  • The solution integrates with existing systems;

  • The solution quickly generates a return on investment;

  • Technical support is provided by level two or three advisors;

  • The solution quickly deliver results.





Cybersecurity based on the deception approach

TrapX Security is the world leader in cyber-deception technology. Their solutions detect, deceive and quickly eliminate cyberattacks and human attackers in real-time. DeceptionGrid provides automated and highly accurate information on malicious activities unpublished by other types of computer defences. TrapX Security's customer base includes more than 300 Forbes Global 2000 commercial and government customers worldwide.

For more information: TrapX





Modernize your data center infrastructure

Nutanix makes infrastructure invisible, allowing the IT department to focus on the applications and services that optimize its business. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform combines web-based engineering and consumer design to natively converge server, storage, virtualization, and networking into a software-defined, resilient solution with built-in support. a rich machine intelligence.

For more information: Nutanix





Simplified operational efficiency

Many companies on the Global 2000 list rely on PMG to deploy solutions that improve business productivity. PMG solutions offer a smarter way to automate processes and improve the collaboration of stakeholders involved in the execution of processes, for both business units and IT departments, ranging from human resource management, digital identity management, employee onboarding and cloud resource provisioning and much more. PMG's digital platform is quickly deployed and easily supports evolving business needs.

For more information: PMG