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An entrepreneur with 40 years of experience in organizational development and IT solutions focused on digital adoption, he has helped national and international organizations rapidly improve productivity, and fully realize the strategic value of their organization.

Michel created CSCIO to help Canadian organizations simplify and accelerate productivity improvement through an innovative program focused on digital adoption through the implementation of innovative world-class solutions, and strategic support to leaders in all the phases of the implementation of the solution. With his expertise in major projects aimed at improving the productivity of organizations, he helps leaders to:

  • make informed and confident decisions quickly;
  • avoid project pitfalls;
  • simplify the leadership role of executives;
  • help to make better use of resources to achieve objectives more efficiently.

Focused on improving business productivity, Michel has worked with leaders across many industries to help them optimize success factors for enterprise systems implementations. Here are some examples where Michel has worked closely with leaders:


Bell Canada

Worked with Bell Canada's Senior Vice President, Human Resources to design and implement, in just 18 months, a human resources, benefits and payroll solution for 60,000 employees. The project enabled Bell Canada to reduce the cost of human resources management from 3% to 1% of the payroll value.



Work closely with the CEO and Executive Project Manager to select and implement an integrated shared services solution provided by two different vendors. The scope of this solution included: human resources, benefits, payroll, finance and merchandising process lifecycle.

The solution was implemented in just 19 months with a very small project team. Reitmans has become the global benchmark for operational efficiency for the apparel retail industry; while other medium-sized retailers have unfortunately closed their doors.


HEC Montreal

Worked with the CEO to select, orchestrate, streamline and implement, in just 20 months, an ERP solution for higher education. The scope of the project included Human Resources, Finance, Purchasing and Student Customer Process Lifecycle Management. HEC was thus able to increase its student population by 30% over a period of five years without having to add a single employee to its shared services unit.



Collaborated with the Canadian and American CIOs to design and implement a data storage solution intended to equip 25 data centers around the world. This solution has allowed Teleglobe to obtain a unique competitive advantage allowing it to offer the ability to migrate any application to its data centre in less than 30 days, without interrupting service to users.


Here is a summary of his expertise presented according to the layers of enterprise architecture

At the strategic level, at Development Dimensions International (DDI), he led a team of professionals to help clients accelerate the alignment of their human resources with lean business strategies, innovation and services.

During his eight years, he orchestrated projects aimed at improving leadership and coaching skills for teams of supervisors and managers, as well as working to set up human resource selection systems and the implementation of a program to support the start-up of large-scale manufacturing plants.

He also orchestrated the design of solutions and the support of programs aimed at transforming the organizational culture. These projects included defining the vision, mission, values, skills, and implementing world-class selection and training tools designed to help leaders realize the full strategic value of their organization.


At the business level, he has worked with clients to improve the efficiency of their business processes using ERP solutions, such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, Retek and SAP, with the aim of accelerating the adoption of digital in business units and accelerating the transition from a siloed operating model to an efficient and productive shared services operating model.


At the data level, he worked at Oracle helping clients leverage relational database technologies to transform islands of data into useful information for decision making. One of the projects he has put forward is the use of the Oracle development platform used by “La chambre des notaires du Québec” to automate the life cycle of notary service processes.


At the technical level, while at EMC2, he helped his customers consolidate their data storage platforms into an integrated architecture to better exploit information in complete security.



Michel Couture