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Project Portfolio Management

Change is inevitable. And when you’re charged with supporting the business strategic goals while balancing the supply and demand on IT resources, you are continually assessing the impact these changes have on the entire organization. To effectively address the needs of the business, IT executives are taking a comprehensive approach to aligning resources and activities more closely with the business strategy and applying overall life-cycle management to the entire IT portfolio.

Changepoint ensures investments align with business strategies, improves organizational effectiveness, enhances the quality and efficiency of IT service delivery and provides IT leaders true visibility into all levels of the IT organization. Changepoint also provides the means and communication essential for the effective delivery of IT value.


Visibility into portfolio maximize IT Value

To ensure a comprehensive IT portfolio management approach, Changepoint addresses three key elements: Portfolio Planning, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Application Portfolio Management (APM). Changepoint focuses on the unique characteristics of each with specific metrics, in-depth analyses and a collaborative environment to provide greater visibility into, and control of the IT portfolio.

Changepoint not only gives you more accurate oversight, but also helps bring information together through its integrated design to assist in decision making that takes the entire portfolio into account. The solution helps you create a truly integrated IT organization, as a business within a business, to maximize IT value.


CP - Business Portfolios


All PPM and APM Portfolios are managed through Changepoint 


Portfolio Planning

With Changepoint’s portfolio planning capabilities, IT executives and their line-of-business (LOB) colleagues now have the power to determine which strategic projects should be funded and added to the portfolio based on key business criteria and in accordance with governance processes. This collaborative environment enables informed decision making and offers transparency into the process with the ability to:

  • evaluate existing and potential scenarios and perform “what if” analysis on IT demand through a graphical dashboard that provides scenario comparisons across all IT portfolios;

  • build budgets for each potential investment, including resource requirements and any other related costs, without the rigor of building a project;

  • select and prioritize proposed candidates for IT investments that best support business priorities, balancing risk and value;

  • analyze alternate portfolios with flexible “what if” scenario capabilities and save prospective portfolio scenarios for future reference.

Once a proposed project has been approved, Changepoint helps you manage resource allocation and provides visibility into overall project health via its Project Portfolio Management capabilities.


Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities within Changepoint give you unprecedented views into portfolio health through graphical summaries including: portfolio health assessments, project scorecards and portal visibility. Changepoint enables you to assess portfolio health using key metrics related to schedule, budget, satisfaction and quality, as well as other configurable metrics. PPM helps you:

  • prevent redundant, overlapping or underperforming projects

  • conduct “what if” analysis to determine the impact of reallocating or reducing resources and responding to changing business priorities

  • improve IT’s ability to deliver by tracking key performance metrics.

 True portfolio management doesn’t end when a project is completed. A completed project results in a new application deployment or an upgrade to an application. This becomes the domain of the application portfolio.


Application Portfolio Management

Changepoint provides the ability to accurately assess the metrics such as cost, risk, performance and user satisfaction of your application portfolio information that goes a long way in helping you maximize business value across the entire life cycle. Using Changepoint, you can monitor, manage and conduct ongoing assessment of all applications to drive decision making. Changepoint puts you in control of your application portfolio by allowing you to:

  • eliminate redundancy in application investments by cataloging all investments in a single repository

  • drill down to individual applications to understand cost drivers, user satisfaction, value and risk from portfolio health summaries

  • engage in life-cycle decision-making processes to invest in, maintain, replace or retire each application.

Ongoing monitoring and analysis of the application portfolio enables IT organizations to develop more accurate and strategic roadmaps for each application across its life cycle. Measurements for risk, cost and value of an application are assessed and taken into consideration when building business cases for future work.


Manage key IT Processes

Consistent processes help increase IT effectiveness while driving clearer views of portfolio metrics. Changepoint helps you gain control of the key processes related to managing the business of IT. In this manner, you gain greater insight into all the factors—organizational, financial, resource-related and customer satisfaction levels—that affect the performance and value of the portfolio.

Demand management

Changepoint’s demand management capabilities create a single point of entry through which all IT requests are gathered, evaluated, categorized and prioritized according to your organization’s business processes. Demand on IT can be evaluated from the client, application and project perspectives; and from other key business metrics. Changepoint lets you identify and communicate business trends revealed by monitoring demand over time, giving you unique visibility into future demands on your IT resources. Demand management also provides:

  • a single integrated portal to receive all demands on IT

  • dynamic graphical dashboard to analyze existing and potential demand on IT

  • the ability to drive requests for strategic projects into a portfolio planning process

  • automated workflow for request-driven work, enabling seamless evaluation and distribution of work to the appropriate individuals and teams.

Resource management

With real-time visibility into resource capacity, assignments, skill level and utilization, Changepoint helps you make more effective resource allocation decisions. These decisions are met through web-based resource leveling to optimize responsiveness to business change and total IT employee demand. Changepoint ensures all types of IT work—planned, project and request-based—are considered with:

  • accurate demand and capacity analysis

  • flexible, powerful resource searching

  • comprehensive resource scheduling view.


Project and budget management

Changepoint’s web-based project management capabilities accommodate needs ranging from quick project creation to a highly detailed breakdown of work structures and budgeting. Key functionalities include configurable project workflow to enable best practices, support for task and project dependencies, and issue, risk and change management. Changepoint also provides:

  • project scheduling and graphical status reporting

  • allocation worksheet views of work plans by fiscal periods or days

  • complete budget management to track cost, effort and change history, and contingency planning.

Financial management

Changepoint’s financial management capabilities provide information, which allows IT to demonstrate the value delivered to the business. These reports help IT to create a “closed loop” where requests for IT functionality are linked to both the work required and the associated costs. Using Changepoint, IT staff can generate meaningful charge-backs and financial analysis through the accurate allocation of all costs to clients by:

  • tracking all time centrally for effective cross-charging and cost allocation

  • budgeting for capital versus operating expenditures

  • analyzing past and future financial performance.

Client management

Changepoint offers valuable client management capabilities. From the basics of understanding key contacts within each client organization to sophisticated client scorecards measuring satisfaction across all services offered by IT, the “client perspective” on the business is a powerful view. Executives can leverage this information to communicate value back to their line-of-business colleagues, and help set and guide objectives for their IT resources, including:

  • activity tracking and status updates

  • online collaboration and discussion forums including the ability to approve final funding, change requests and work requests

  • client self-service and request initiation through client portal

  • client histories that provide a single view of all activities relating to an internal client group

  • measurement of client satisfaction across all interaction with IT.

Tracking real-world criteria brings real-world improvements

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. An important part of continuously improving the value of your portfolio is the ability to accurately track and measure the time spent on related projects and requests. Further, tracking portfolio and resource performance metrics help demonstrate the value of IT service delivery, while at the same time ensuring decision making is reflective of real-world criteria.

Time tracking

Changepoint provides automated and integrated capabilities for time reporting, allowing IT managers to view reports for expended hours by request, request type, application, resource or client. Changepoint helps IT managers track actual costs and cross-charge LOB clients with:

  • time tracking against both project and non-project work

  • compliance measurement and reporting with automated reminders

  • multi-level configurable approval workflow

  • offline time and expense reporting from a laptop or PDA.

Performance management

By helping you accurately define, monitor and measure performance, Changepoint enhances the overall performance of your most valuable asset: your IT staff. Valuable performance metrics significantly improve your ability to provide targeted mentoring and training, detailed performance plans, and timely employee recognition and awards for jobs well done. Changepoint empowers employees to understand and take action guided by performance metrics that directly affect their continued success and the success of the IT organization as a whole with:

  • predefined metrics in key areas such as time submission, task status and approval compliance

  • objective individual and team-based employee performance results visible through role-based portals

  • integrated survey management capability leveraged to drive metrics that measure peer and client satisfaction.

Knowledge management

Changepoint’s knowledge management functionality lets your organization create a corporate learning community where process, industry or customer-related knowledge is stored and searchable for easy sharing between key stakeholders. In addition, LOB collaboration is provided through a web-based client portal to facilitate information sharing, request submission and feedback opportunities. Additional capabilities include:

  • document management with version control

  • support for rich data types and full text searches

  • topic subscription and notifications

  • team functionality such as threaded discussions.

Flexibility: A foundation for success 

Changepoint is designed to seamlessly integrate the critical processes and data needed for effective IT management. As no two IT organizations are exactly the same, Changepoint is configurable to your specific needs. Changepoint allows you to deploy the solution to support your organization’s unique reporting, business process and security needs.


Report Designer

Changepoint provides a powerful web-based Report Designer, enabling IT executives and managers to produce and share detailed graphical, up-to-date reports with anyone in the organization. Changepoint delivers reports in real-time for analysis with the most accurate information. Report specifications can be saved within your personal Changepoint portal for easy access and retrieval, or to rerun at a later time. Changepoint includes:

  • 130 standard reports

  • customized reports that can be designed and run based on business needs, with an easy-to-use interface targeted at end users

  • the ability to render information in portlets on role-based dashboards to ensure effective communication with executive and LOB peers outside of IT.


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