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Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Today, many professional services organizations try to manage business performance with only fragmented views of operations due to the disjointed business processes and the disparate systems used to run the business. This lack of integration in core business processes has a crippling effect on management’s ability to react to problems and control the hidden costs of service delivery. As a result, these organizations suffer from ineffective use of resources, lost billable time and expenses, large administrative burdens and long, error-prone billing cycles.

Successful services organizations gain control over performance through integrated business management systems, like Compuware Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA), that automate and integrate core business processes while providing total visibility into operations.


Changepoint PSA enables services organizations to

• Manage performance and profitability

• Improve operational efficiency and visibility

• Optimize performance through employees. 


The Changepoint advantage

Changepoint PSA is a business management system that automates and integrates core business processes while providing total visibility into operations. By connecting the demand and the supply, Changepoint PSA enhances process efficiency and provides real value:


Proven return on investment, lower total cost of ownership

Changepoint PSA’s configurable solution and implementation methodology have been designed to ensure you achieve your goals and increase your organization’s performance quickly and cost-effectively to maximize ROI and minimize your total cost of ownership (TCO).


Software that facilitates process adoption

Changepoint PSA is the only solution with tracking and reporting tools in place to ensure the solution and your services organization’s critical business processes are adopted across the organization. This visibility lets individual employees monitor their own system usage on a daily basis so management teams are confident their investment is fully leveraged.


Employees are included in the performance equation

The undeniable truth of performance management for service-based organizations is you cannot optimize organizational performance without managing the performance of individual employees. No other process automation solution gives organizations the ability to track employee performance against objectives on a daily basis, down to each individual employee.


Changepoint PSA helps you manage your business across the entire customer life cycle.

CP PSAQ Process Cycle


Manage performance and profitability

By automating and integrating core business processes, Changepoint PSA provides total visibility into the performance of your services organization. From detailed performance analyses of engagements, projects and customers, to higher-level views of work groups, sales pipelines, project portfolios and financial projections, the Changepoint PSA solution keeps you informed.

CP - PSA Visibility



Management  portal and report designer

Changepoint PSA provides unparalleled performance analysis for services organizations through its flexible Report Designer technology. The configurable management portal consolidates business-critical information from the Changepoint PSA solution, as well as other critical business systems. This enables management to monitor all key business metrics through role-based portals. With Changepoint PSA, you can:

• customize e-mail notifications to alert management of key operational events requiring immediate attention

• achieve real-time views into operations through standard and customizable reports and charts

• deliver advanced analysis through integrated OLAP capabilities

• configure the portal to meet role-based reporting requirements using standard and user-defined portlets created with Changepoint PSA’s flexible reporting tool


Customer report card

Key customer metrics are consolidated into customer reports highlighting new opportunities, current project status and financial history with the ability to drill through to individual customer report cards. Management gains a comprehensive view that allows services organizations to grow revenue by enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, while improving profitability of engagements. Customer reports provide:

• at a glance financial information including revenue, current receivables, gross margins and opportunities

• views by industry, sales region or account status

• visibility into active projects and customer satisfaction ratings


Improve operational efficiency and visibility

Changepoint PSA helps services organizations to automate and integrate the business processes surrounding service delivery. Using Changepoint PSA, services organizations can track knowledge within a single, integrated system while reducing administration, maximizing the effectiveness of resource allocation, increasing billable hours and eliminating lost time and expenses.


Customer relationship management (CRM) and opportunity management

Changepoint PSA’s customer management capabilities can help you develop new business, track and monitor customer satisfaction and increase revenues from your existing customer base with opportunity management designed for services organizations. You can leverage Changepoint PSA for:

• marketing campaign management, lead and activity tracking, competitive intelligence and ROIanalysis

• complete opportunity management, pipeline forecasting and profitability analysis

• offline customer, contact and opportunity tracking

• comprehensive customer-history tracking

• tracking client satisfaction with resources and services.


Engagement management

You can expedite invoicing with Changepoint PSA by tracking all critical engagement details to accommodate complex billing rules consistently and accurately. Changepoint PSA supports multiple currencies, multiple billing offices, taxation by location and audit requirements; plus:

• fee schedules and billing rules

• time and expense approval rules

• contract management including change history.


Project and portfolio management

Changepoint PSA addresses the critical need to manage the profitability of engagements and monitor the ongoing health of key projects through well-designed Gantt charts, scorecards, bubble charts and integrated portal components. With integrated project and portfolio management capabilities in Changepoint PSA, you can:

• create project templates and share best practices

• utilize project scheduling and graphical phase-level reporting

• perform trend analysis of historical results

• track projects and budgets in detail with added support for making unlimited revisions

• configure automated workflow to support project stage-gating and methodologies

• leverage project scorecards for advanced “what if” analysis and resource allocation

• support task dependencies and milestones.


         Manage demand and forecasted revenue by workgroup and resource

    CP - PSA Demand and Forcasted Revenue by Workgroup and Resources


         Resource demand and capacity analysis provides visibility into current and

         future demand to ensure an organization’s capacity to deliver

 CP - PSA Resource Demand and Capacity Analysis



Resource and Contractor Management

You can leverage comprehensive resource management functionality to maximize the use and allocation of resources, whether internal or external to your organization, with Changepoint PSA’s:

• resource leveling capabilities which take into consideration an employee’s current workload—all projects, administrative or operational work, scheduled holidays and personal calendar restraints—to ensure schedule, scope, effort and cost can be achieved as originally planned

• configurable criteria for resource searching

• automated utilization monitoring

• tracking against assigned metrics, including satisfaction rating

• recruitment management for full-time or contract employees

• workflow management supporting centralized and decentralized models for resource requests

• resource demand and capacity analysis.


Invoicing and Revenue Recognition

Give your finance department the control required to improve cash flow and report revenues by making it possible to:

• create accurate and complete invoices in hours instead of weeks

• generate batch invoices, approvals and commitments

• support multiple revenue recognition methods

• monitor key financial metrics including non-invoiced time and expense data

• track the flow of financial data to back-office systems

• maintain multi-currency, multiple billing offices and taxation by location


Optimize performance through employees

The performance of a services organization is heavily dependent on the activities of its workforce both as individuals and team members. The effectiveness of each individual employee determines the level of customer satisfaction and the quality of work completed. To truly optimize performance, services organizations must look beyond process optimization and ensure employees have the ability to manage proactively their individual contributions to corporate success.


Process adoption assurance

Adopting new business processes and software solutions in support of those processes is challenging for any organization. Changepoint  PSA provides standard metrics to enable managers and their staff throughout the enterprise to monitor software use on a daily basis and ensure rapid, comprehensive adoption and ROI. Standard metrics include:

• task status compliance

• time submission, expense and invoice approval compliance.


Time and expense tracking

You can streamline time and expense workflow to ensure submissions are made and approved on time, every time. Changepoint PSA helps eliminate redundant data entries that lead to costly human errors and unreimbursed billable time and expenses, with:

• multi-level, configurable approval workflow

• automated reminders for compliance measurement and reporting

• offline time and expense reporting from a laptop or PDA

• integrated workflows for contractor time and expense submission and approval.


Individual and team performance tracking

Changepoint PSA facilitates leadership and mentoring through individual and team performance tracking, allowing you to:

• leverage predefined metrics such as time and task status compliance and utilization to align individual performance

• promote participation and mentoring with visibility into individual and team performance through role-based portals

• conduct integrated survey management to measure resource, peer and customer satisfaction metrics as part of overall performance management.


Request management and helpdesk

Flexible request management enables your staff to provide customers with the most personalized and effective service possible. With Changepoint PSA, support staff can:

• log and track all support requests to ensure issues are addressed and resolved quickly

• automate and configure workflow to track requests through the entire life cycle

• configure different request types and workflow to support unique business processes

• track and escalate calls based on SLAs

• integrate time tracking and flexible invoicing of request-based work

• support multiple time zones.


Knowledge management and collaboration

With Changepoint PSA, your organization can create a corporate learning community where process, industry or customer-related knowledge is stored and searchable for easy sharing between key stakeholders such as employees, partners and contractors. In addition, collaboration is provided through a customer portal to facilitate customer support and self service, status communication and information sharing including:

• document management with version control and check-in/check-out functionality

• support for rich data types and full-text searches

• topic subscription and notifications

• team functionalities (e.g., threaded discussions)

• web-based customer portal.


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