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Project Portfolio Platform

Changepoint is an industry leading provider of Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions.

Project Portfolio Platform Software - What it is? 

A software solution that enables IT and business users to organize a series of projects into a single portfolio that will provide reports based on the various project objectives; costs, resources, risks and other pertinent associations. Business Portfolio Management software allows users to review portfolio status to make key financial and business decisions for projects.

  • Drive different business processes for various types of projects through adaptive workflow and governance standards

  • Make decisions within a client context, and across the business as a whole

  • Manage supply and demand of resources in accordance with business needs and goals with a comprehensive view of resources demand and capacity by leveraging "what if" analysis

  • Increase productivity by delivering more projects with same set of resources while enforcing consistent, transparent and balanced set of decision criteria:

    • 35% reduction in cost per project

    • 78% reduction in redundant projects

    • 14% increase in staff productivity

  • Enjoy a better understanding of the relationship between IT costs and IT services

Changepoint - The Market Most Comprehensive Solution

Changepoint combines Project Portfolio Management with Professional Services Automation capabilities to give you complete visibility into projects, investments and resources for informed business planning and financial control.

Changepoint helps businesses gain competitive advantage and increase profitability through complete portfolio visibility, planning insight, process automation and improved resource utilization throughout a customer’s life cycle. Gain the insight and control you need to make better financial and business decisions for greater control over projects, improved client satisfaction, visibility across portfolio and services performance, smarter investments and better resource utilization. Changepoint’s industry leading Business Portfolio Management services -- Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) helps you maximize your ROI.

Changepoint has the market’s most comprehensive solution because it combines Professional Services Automation with Project Portfolio Management capabilities to give you complete visibility into projects, investments and resources for informed business planning and financial control.

Getting return on your investment is important and Changepoint delivers on this. Changepoint also offers the following valued add: Changepoint Accelerators: Preconfigured best practices ensure you make the most of the comprehensive functionality available within the product to deploy it quickly and efficiently; Guardian Services: Ensure ongoing adoption and value generation through business process reviews, technical upgrades, training, dedicated consultants and other offerings;

Delivery Options: To support your application strategy, only Changepoint business portfolio management offers flexible delivery options, including Software as a Service (SaaS), buy-and-host and on-premises; Mobile Device Support: Enhance virtual productivity with Changepoint’s smartphone functionality – complete time entry processes and status tasks and participate in workflow-driven approval cycles; Integrations: Extend the use of Changepoint throughout the organization with out-of-the-box integrations with major ERP and CRM systems.


What Makes Changepoint Unique ?

  • People: Experience That Speaks For Itself – Changepoint has a long history of successfully managing the business of professional services and project portfolio management. Expertise like this minimizes the risks of implementation, ensures a rapid return on your investment and lays a solid foundation for extending PSA/PPM management strategies well into the future

  • Flexible, Scalable Architecture – Ready For Global Deployment – Changepoint is a 100 percent web-based application that can be used globally

  • Full Life-Cycle Management of Portfolio Investments – Changepoint manages the entire spectrum of your portfolio investment. A built-in financial discipline measures and monitors the value of your investment

  • Multiple Delivery Options – There’s more than one way to deliver your Changepoint business portfolio management solution. Choose an on-premise, buy-and-host or SaaS model. You can even transition easily from one model to another as business needs change


Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

For project-centric organizations large and small, Changepoint gives you a cohesive and consolidated view of your projects, investments, resources and applications or products to help you manage your entire business portfolio.

Learn how Changepoint PPM can give you greater control over your projects and help you make smarter investments.


Professional Services Automation (PSA)

A single automated solution for the professional services organization. Changepoint helps you forecast and plan; manage resources, projects and client engagements; and grow your service operations.

Learn how Changepoint PSA enhances process efficiency and provides real value by connecting the demand and the supply while providing total visibility into operations.


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