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PMG Service Catalog Suite (PMG SCS) for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and User Provisioning

Role-based Access Control (RBAC) is an approach to restricting system access to authorized users. Virtually all organizations leverage a user directory such as Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, or OpenLDAP, but most organization realize that these solutions alone don’t truly achieve the vision of RBAC. There are numerous tactical business problems with generic directory software applications. These include:

  • They don’t define specific job titles or roles, nor map bundles of software and/or rights and permissions. They provide the ability to define these attributes, but not efficiently mapped to job titles and roles.

  • They lack a request process for requesting adds, moves, or changes.

  • They lack workflow for validating, approving, and auto-provisioning adds, moves, and changes

  • They lack reporting

  • They are difficult to use and are not designed for end users such as hiring managers and HR.

PMG SCS provides a dramatic and compelling solution to all of these shortcomings by providing a user-configurable, super user friendly GUI for making typical add, move, or change requests. It includes customizable “configuration modules” to define your organizations job titles and roles properly mapped to bundles of relevant applications and appropriate access and permission levels within them.

Lastly, PMG provides a solution that allows for flexible configuration of workflow to ensure appropriate approvals and the automated provisioning of requests across multiple backend systems. PMG SCS includes out of the box connectors to Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Identity Information Server, Microsoft Identity Lifecyle Manager, Sun Identity Manager, Tivoli Identity Manager, SAP, Oracle, and many more.


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