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PMG Service Catalog Suite (PMG SCS) for Policy ; Procedure Management 

PMG Service Catalog Suite is a 100% web-based, workflow-enabled, compliance solution that facilitates documentation, management and assessment of internal controls and risks as mandated by regulatory laws such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), NERC, SOX and HIPAA. Using the COSO framework, the Suite's iDeliver BPM engine comes with pre-defined, customizable workflows, document templates and user-friendly drag and drop features that expedite your organization's compliance initiative.


iDeliver is a complete, end-to-end solution that allows enterprises to rapidly roll out compliance initiatives across the organization hierarchy. It enables enterprises to:

  • Map the organization hierarchy and structure into the compliance environment

  • Document processes, risks, internal controls and test plans

  • Create a centralized repository for all documents and evidence of compliance

  • Define workflows for reviews and self-assessment of processes, risks and associated controls

  • Define workflows for executing test plans and mitigation strategies

  • Setup self-assessment schedules based on multiple parameters such as priority, criticality and effectiveness of the control

  • Track status of self-assessment, test plans and mitigation plans

  • Ensure that processes are approved on creation/modification and approved changes are communicated to all stakeholders

  • Maintain audit trails for each compliance activity

  • Allows the usage of the compliance framework to implement other compliance related initiatives

  • Extends benefits of automated workflows and process management to areas besides compliance such as HR, Sales, Document Management etc.


  • Expedites implementation and roll out of compliance initiatives

  • A 100% web-based solution that allows anytime, anywhere access to CEO/CFO, Managers, Independent Directors and Auditors

  • Sophisticated, customizable workflows for risk assessment, review, testing and mitigation

  • Escalation and alert capabilities ensure better control over compliance tasks

  • Define organization hierarchy to any level

  • Graphical representation of organization hierarchy

  • Pre-defined, customizable document templates for faster implementation

  • Provides users with a single-window access to compliance tasks, activities and information

  • Configurable, web-based reports with multiple views and drill-down capabilities to direct top management to relevant information

  • Comprehensive audit trails and version control for tracking changes to processes, controls and other documents

  • Centralized repository for document and record management

  • Leverages investments in Microsoft technologies for higher ROI

  • Role and user-based security

  • Easy administration - native support for ADS and LDAP eliminates maintenance of duplicate directories

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