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Personnel Offboarding

All organizations offboard personnel and need to transition them as soon as possible. It has become an imperative to automate this process to ensure the timely recover of company assets, as well as to deactivate accounts to protect critical assets and corporate data. Regrettably, up to 90% of companies still handle employee offboarding in manual and error-prone ways which leads to high rates of audit flags and risk exposure. Automating this process is a key function of an actionable service catalog.

PMG - Personnel Offboarding Service

So how does Service Catalog help my offboarding process? PMG’s actionable Service Catalog Suite addresses key functionalities needed to tackle and automate the offboarding process:
  • Ability to run the onboarding process in reverse, automating the revocation of all access rights, accounts, permissions, and assets provided since new hire

  • Out of the box integration with existing applications such as Active Directory and HRMS

  • Cross-departmental capabilities, ability to orchestrate workflow across multiple people and departments (HR, Payroll, Benefits, IT, Telecom, Facilities, Security)

  • Automatic audit trails for compliance and reporting


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