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PMG Service Catalog Suite for IAM (Identity and Access Management)


PMG SCS enhances existing investments in Identity and Access Management (IAM). All modern organizations have deployed directory infrastructure via Active Directory or similar LDAP, but have since matured to add an IAM layer to ensure only appropriate access is provided to employees and contractors. IAM tools include long lists of technical capabilities and are typically used and configured only by technical IT staff. They, like many IT tools, lack an easy-to-use business user interface and appropriate workflow capabilities to further streamline and achieve the true IAM vision.

PMG SCS solves these shortcomings and provides these significant value-added capabilities:

  • Role Creation– Definition and auto-provisioning of job titles, profiles, and appropriate bundles of software, applications, and permissions on various technical systems.

  • Role Extraction and Analysis – PMG SCS provides connectors to Active Directory, LDAPs, and other sources of roles such as SAP MDM, custom databases, Microsoft ILM, and others to use in workflow and for analysis and reporting.

  • Role Modification– PMG SCS workflow actions can dynamically add, update, change, or delete system roles as well as update appropriate LDAPs or IAM systems

  • Role Provisioning / De-provisioning – As with Role Modification, PMG SCS Connector workflow actions can dynamically add, update, change, or delete system roles as well as update appropriate LDAPs or IAM systems. See Integrations

  • Role Comparison and Consolidation– PMG SCS has robust multi-source reporting capabilities and can do comparison and consolidation of roles, helping to streamline and simplify IAM. This becomes especially important in large, distributed organizations, and those that have grown through acquisitions

  • Compliance Checks and “What-if” Analysis- PMG SCS keeps transaction logs for key IAM workflows such as employee on-boarding, moves, and changes. HR, Security, Audit, and other managers can see reports and dashboards showing approvals, systems and role provisioning with drill-down by date ranges, systems, roles, or other criteria.

  • Role History Auditing – PMG SCS keeps full records of role provisioning by design with full audit trail and reporting. The reporting not only includes the details on what roles were provisioned, by whom, and when, but also the defined, repeatable, measurable and fully auditable workflow behind it, a key audit requirement.

  • Data Validation – PMG SCS can perform data validation and integrity checks on inputs, such as appropriate password strength and policies (number of digits, mixture of upper/lowercase letters, special characters, etc.) as well as auto-generation of fields such as initial passwords for auto-provisioning.


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