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Contractor Onboarding and Offboarding Management

Are you struggling to manage and maintain your contractor records and ensure appropriate compliance? Do you need to ensure contractor start and end dates are properly managed, maintained, and approved? PMG SCS provides an automated and efficient way to create and maintain a database record for contractors and automate the process for ensuring terminations, contract extensions, asset provisioning and/or de-provisioning and recovery according to your business rules and compliance needs.

PMG has the most out-of-the-box and easily implemented integration with leading HR management systems on the market today, with full support for products like PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, OnBase, Active Directory and many more. Using these full integration capabilities, PMG can ensure accurate data records are maintained across multiple systems.

PMG provides for a fully configurable and flexible user interface so that managers can:

  • Provide automated approvals (via email, SMS, mobile email, or secure web interface)

  • Maintain full audit compliance and reporting

  • Manage contractor profiles, roles, and entitlements

  • Provision contractor assets, including mobile devices, office space, access badges

  • Provision contractor software, accounts, and appropriate permissions to applications, file shares, etc.

  • Manage contractor extensions

  • Review and manage termination dates

  • Perform bulk contractor management

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