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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is here. Powered by mature and robust virtualization technologies, both public and private cloud initiatives are well underway or implemented at best of breed enterprises and solution providers. For enterprises just getting started, it might be that your users are wondering why they can get cloud services in minutes or hours, but getting similar services “in house” is dreadfully slow, painful, and often more expensive.

Fixing this gap between the online world and “in-house” world has taken on new urgency. If you don’t provide equivalent services, with equivalent speed, agility, price and performance, you face immediate risk of becoming obsolete and outsourced.

Providing cloud services in a structured manner requires a proper governance framework. Turns out ITILv3 and the tenets of IT service management fit quite nicely.

First and foremost, you must provide an online catalog of available cloud services. This is a perfect fit for PMG Enterprise Service Catalog.

From self-service, to automated provisioning, to dynamic billing, PMG SCS provides all the components you need to have a best-of-breed cloud computing governance and automation framework.

Other cloud management products are simply too limited. They are focused typically on provisioning VMs, but what about network, storage, and applications? What if you need to limit offerings by role, entitlement, or location? How do you create flexible user self-service forms? What about approvals and any manual tasks required? How do you integrate with all of your other tools to provide for a true end-to-end service? Other vendors and cloud management tools just don't stack up. If you are planning an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) approach, look no further than PMG.

PMG SCS has native connectors and integration with your core cloud platforms such as VMWare.


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