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Implementation - Quick IT and business alignment


An Actionable Service Catalog should result in real cost savings

and business alignment in weeks, not months or years 

PMG - Rapid Implementation


How PMG Actionable Service Catalog works

PMG Service Catalog empowers user self-service via a dramatically easy to use web-based, familiar online shopping experience. Service Catalog leverages the best features and capabilities from enterprise-class Portal, e-Commerce, Business Process Management (BPM), and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) in a tightly integrated, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, and affordable solution. Once requests are made, they are seamlessly passed to the built-in Business Process Engine (iDeliver) that provides the workflow, business process management, and necessary integrations with other business applications.

In sum, Service Catalog automates any request ; delivery process, making it more efficient, controlled, measurable, and transparent.


Installation of PMG Service Catalog is done in a matter of hours or less. The solution is built 100% on top of Microsoft technologies and installs seamlessly on a Windows Server running SQL Server 2005. The product fully supports virtualization, including VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Designing Requests

Service Catalog ships with over 500 common request (service) templates ranging from simple procurement, such as "Order a new Laptop", to complex bundled requests like "Onboard New Employee." All templates can be edited and reconfigured in minutes with little or no training and no programming expertise. Simply click the Turn On Edit Mode link and designers/administrators can change descriptions, the form, and any other elements displayed to your users and customers. The built-in form designer enables you to add, delete, or customize form controls. It includes dozens of the most commonly used data entry controls including Check Boxes, Drop Down Lists, Remote Database Lookups, Date Pickers, and more. The ease of use and configurability of the requests saves and prevents countless hours of unnecessary software development time and expertise while assuring error-free functionality and consistent look and feel. All functionality is accessible via standard web browsers and requires no client software, plug-ins, or applets.

Designing Workflows

iDeliver is an enterprise-class Business Process Management Suite (BPMS). It provides for workflow design, management, and orchestration. Using the drag-and-drop Designer interface, you can easily design process flows ranging from simple approval processes to complex parallel workflows spanning multiple people, departments, and systems. The request forms and fields are automatically mapped to workflow objects, eliminating the need for database design or programming to map data into workflows. The interface provides right-click-and-configure capabilities for the most common functions such as notifications, escalations, task assignment, and tracking.


PMG Service Catalog is fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory out of the box and can leverage integrated windows authentication (IWA) to provide for single-sign-on (SSO) capabilities. Users are presented with a customized, relevant catalog based on their user profile within your existing directory, eliminating the need for user creation and maintenance.

PMG Service Catalog fully leverages the Microsoft .NET framework seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products and utilizes most common and modern integration protocols such as web services, COM, ODBC, FTP, scripts, and shell commands. Several custom integration connectors are available for immediate integration with many industry leading products, including BMC Remedy ARS, HP ServiceCenter, CA Service Desk, Numara Footprints, Frontrange ITSM, SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle Applications.


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