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For CMMI, ITIL, ISO, and CoBIT Compliance

An actionable service catalog that includes a business process management (BPM) engine is the key to achieving compliance with industry best-practice frameworks such as CMMI, COBIT, ITIL, ISO, and even Six Sigma. The Service Catalog is most prominently defined as the cornerstone of ITILv3. PMG Service Catalog Suite provides the following aspects of ITILv3:


  1. Service Catalog Management – creation of the catalog itself, puts it all online in user friendly searchable catalog, a la
  2. Service Level Management (SLM) – when things are ordered, delivery times and SLAs are measured and reported.
  3. Service Portfolio Management – keeping a current and accurate list of services provided within the catalog.
  4. IT Demand Management – by being the main source of all consolidated service requests, analytics and reports can help shape and control demand.
  5. Service Financial Management – Display and track costs of services, up to and including departmental chargebacks.
  6. Service Request Management – Using intuitive online forms and a full business process management engine, all service requests are efficiently managed through to fulfillment.
  7. Change Management – Easily design and configure your change management process and workflow that fits your needs. Design dynamic approvals, tests and CMDB updates with ease.
  8. Service Asset and Configuration Management – PMG includes both its own CMDB and workflow actions to read/write to any or multiple CMDBs. Using a workflow driven approach, you can ensure data is kept accurate and up-to-date when changes occur and assets are provided. CI’s and service-to-asset relationships are easily configured and viewed.
  9. Release and Deployment – Create a best-practice workflow for your release and deployment that ensures proper lifecycle management.
  10. Incident – Most incident management modules are inflexible and are difficult to configure to suit you unique needs. They’re either too complex or too simplistic. PMG’s BPM-based approach empowers you to create the incident management process that’s just right for your organization.
  11. Problem – Like other ITIL processes, problem management needs to be a defined, repeatable, measureable workflow that ensures problems are recorded, remedied, and available as knowledge items to speed remediation.
  12. Access Management – PMG provides robust run-book-automation and user provisioning capabilities, including dynamic create of user accounts in multiple systems, including Active Directory, file shares, SAP, PeopleSoft, Unix systems and more. PMG also integrates with most leading Identity Management solutions and can provide for workflow driven and automated password resets and access changes on-the-fly.