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Governance enablement

There are many definitions of IT governance. The following description of the overall objectives of IT governance activities, from the IT Governance Institute, is the most commonly accepted definition:

  • To understand the issues and the strategic importance of IT

  • To ensure that the enterprise can sustain its operations

  • To ascertain that the enterprise can implement the strategies required to extend its activities into the future.

In other words, IT governance practices aim at ensuring that expectations for IT are met, its performance is measured, its resources are managed, and its risks are mitigated. It means understanding and aligning with the strategic direction of the enterprise, and then managing the implementation and delivery of new IT initiatives required to move the organization forward based on the strategic direction – all while guaranteeing that daily IT operations run smoothly.

Traditionally, IT governance has been perceived as confusing, expensive, and difficult to achieve. Today, however, IT governance solutions can be delivered with great success using software solutions provided by CSCIO:


PMG Digital Business Platform - Best Practice Governance Frameworks

PMG Digital Business Platform is a 100% web-based, workflow-enabled, compliance solution that facilitates documentation, management and assessment of internal controls and risks as mandated by regulatory laws. An actionable service catalog that includes a powerful business process management (BPM) engine is the key to achieving compliance with industry best-practice frameworks such as CMMI, COBIT, ITIL, ISO, and Six Sigma. Using the COSO framework, the Suite's BPM engine comes with pre-defined, customizable workflows, document templates and user-friendly drag and drop features that expedite your organization's compliance initiative.



Complete end-to-end solution that allows enterprises to rapidly roll out compliance initiatives across the organization hierarchy. It enables enterprises to:

      • Map the organization hierarchy and structure into the compliance environment
      • Document processes, risks, internal controls and test plans
      • Create a centralized repository for all documents and evidence of compliance
      • Define workflows for reviews and self-assessment of processes, risks and associated controls
      • Define workflows for executing test plans and mitigation strategies
      • Setup self-assessment schedules based on multiple parameters such as priority, criticality and effectiveness of the control
      • Track status of self-assessment, test plans and mitigation plans
      • Ensure that processes are approved on creation/modification and approved changes are communicated to all stakeholders
      • Maintain audit trails for each compliance activity
      • Allows the usage of the compliance framework to implement other compliance related initiatives
      • Extends benefits of automated workflows and process management to areas besides compliance such as HR, Sales, Document Management etc.


      • Comprehensive audit trails and version control for tracking changes to processes, controls and other documents
      • Expedites implementation and roll out of compliance initiatives
      • A 100% web-based solution that allows anytime, anywhere access to CEO/CFO, Managers, Independent Directors and Auditors
      • Sophisticated, customizable workflows for risk assessment, review, testing and mitigation
      • Escalation and alert capabilities ensure better control over compliance tasks
      • Define organization hierarchy to any level
      • Graphical representation of organization hierarchy
      • Pre-defined, customizable document templates for faster implementation
      • Provides users with a single-window access to compliance tasks, activities and information
      • Configurable, web-based reports with multiple views and drill-down capabilities to direct top management to relevant information
      • Centralized repository for document and record management
      • Leverages investments in Microsoft technologies for higher ROI
      • Role and user-based security
      • Easy administration - native support for ADS and LDAP eliminates maintenance of duplicate directories



PMG provides comprehensive functionality to provide your organization with comprehensive, practical implementation of ITILv3, including:


The PMG ITIL® Workflow Kit, with out-of-the-box workflow templates, accelerate the adoption of the ITIL® framework by helping IT organizations rapidly launch ITIL® initiatives and processes. These workflows ensure that the right processes for incident, problem, configuration, and change management are in place.


Changepoint Business Project Portfolio Platform

Changepoint IT Governance solution is built on a strong foundation of Project Portfolio Management and Application Portfolio Management capabilities aimed at providing visibility into sustaining IT operations and maintaining infrastructure. These functions include Application Portfolio Management, Resource Management, Application Management, Financial Management, as well as optimization of project demand and supply capability, based on enterprise strategy and goals.

Changepoint provides a robust IT governance solution that integrates both Project Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management and Professional Services Automation capabilities into one system.



These approaches enable IT to establish governance. Organizations that recognize the value of IT governance solutions will have a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by transforming IT from a cost center into a value driver for the enterprise.


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