Service Catalog Management (SCM)

PMG SCS is designed from the ground up to be the best-of-breed Service Catalog solution on the market. Service Catalog Management is one of the core ITILv3 processes, designed as a critical step toward transforming IT into a true service provider and providing benefits such as:
  • Communicating, in relevant business terms, how your organization supports business goals

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction

  • Improved responsiveness and turnaround times

  • Empowering self-service, efficiencies, and economies of scale.

PMG SCS is natively designed to support. SCM includes the basic functions, including:

  • Creation of the services, titles, descriptions, templates, and attributes,

  • Presentation of the services in a graphical, actionable, role-driven online catalog

  • Ability to support both Business Service Catalog and Technical Service Catalog

  • Easily editable and maintained to ensure current, relevant, and consistent information.


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